Tank Sight Glass

Tank Sight Glass

Nominal diameter: 80-200 (mm)
Nominal pressure: 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa
Main material: Carbon steel, stainless steel 201, 304, 316L
Glass material: tempered glass
Medium temperature: 0-250 ℃

Introduction of Tank Sight Glass

An observation glass, also known as an observation window or an observation port, consists of two flanges bolted together, encircling a glass plate sealed with a gasket, and provides a means of viewing and handling the interior of a container or tank. It is usually used to visually verify each stage of the process, check the process medium and observe the liquid level.


Tank Sight Glass Applications

Their applications include checking the inside of pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos, mixing vessels, separators, pipes, etc. In addition to the sight glass, accessories such as wiper, sight glass, lamp, camera, spare glass and gasket are also available.