Flange Sight Glass

Flange Sight Glass

Flange sight glass, also known as sight glass valve. It is widely used in important accessories of pipeline and equipment. It can be used in the chemical tower with high temperature, strong corrosiveness, easy poisoning, high risk and easy crystallization to ensure its safe production.

Introduction of Flange Sight Glass

Jacket insulation function can be selected for all models, which can be used in medium pipelines that need insulation or cold areas.

Flange Sight Glass Application

  • Straight through type, commonly used in the form of pipeline sight glass, is suitable for the middle section of pipeline, and can observe the flow of internal media through the window.
  • 3 way sight glass is generally used at the intersection of two or more pipelines. It can observe the trend of medium through the window.
  • Turbine type sight glass is a function enhanced on the basis of straight through type or multi-way type. Water flow can drive the rotation of turbine, which is often used in the condition of fast medium flow.
  • The floating ball sight glass, like the impeller type, is often used in the condition of slow medium flow.