3 Way Sight Glass

3 Way Sight Glass

Body material: carbon steel WCB, stainless steel 304, 321,                                   316, 316L, steel lining PTFE
Glass material: tempered borosilicate glass, quartz glass
Sealing materials: NBR, polytetrafluoroethylene
Working temperature (℃): 0 ~ 200 ℃
Working pressure (MPA): ≤ 0.6

Introduction of 3 Way Sight Glass

The 3 way sight glass is one of the mirrors. Compared with the straight through mirror, it also has multi-purpose branches, which can clearly see the flow of media in the main pipe and branch pipe, so as to ensure its safety in production.

There are two kinds of 3 way sight glass: equal diameter 3 way sight glass and different diameter 3 way sight glass. Equal diameter 3 way sight glass is mainly used at the branch point of pipeline, which is not only used as tee joint, but also contains the function of sight glass; The reducing three-way sight glass is used at the corner of the pipe. The sight glass is equivalent to a right angle elbow, and the other through hole is used as the discharge hole for cleaning and detection

3 Way Sight Glass Applications

The three-way sight glass is a common part in the pipeline of pharmaceutical, dairy, petroleum, beer, beverage, chemical, water conservancy, electric power and other industrial production devices. The three-way sight glass can observe the flow and reaction of liquid, gas, steam and other media in the pipeline at any time, and play the role of monitoring production and avoiding accidents in the production process.