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What are the characteristics of sight glass with toughened mirror

Toughened glass sight glass is a kind of laminated glass which has experienced physical or organic chemical explosion-proof glass. Physical toughened glass has a factor of safety. After the physical explosion-proof glass, the laminated glass is heated to the softening point in the heat treatment furnace, and then the gas and other refrigeration materials are selected in the refrigeration equipment for rapid refrigeration, resulting in compressive stress on the surface of the laminated glass, so as to improve the quality of the laminated glass.

tampered glass sight glass

The compressive strength of sight glass with toughened glass is increased by 3-5 times. After tempering, the internal mechanical energy of tempered glass is greatly improved, and the surface compressive stress is balanced with the internal tensile stress. When the impact kinetic energy exceeds the mechanical energy, the surface of laminated glass begins to crack and the interior begins to widen. Under the action of internal energy, the laminated glass is torn into small slag. The size and total amount of slag are related to the height of mechanical energy, and the small slag after slag crushing does little harm to people.

Characteristics of sight glass with toughened glass:

Sight glass with toughened has excellent heat resistance, good high-temperature resistance and reliability under various high-temperature working conditions. It is a special toughened glass sight glass, suitable for all kinds of high-temperature windows or windows.

High temperature resistance: 350 ℃ ~ 1500 ℃.
Impact temperature: 180 ℃ ~ 1100 ℃.
Tensile strength: 80 ~ 220MPa.

toughed glass

How to distinguish the toughened glass:

After tempering, the surface of the glass forms uniform compressive stress, while the interior forms tensile stress, which greatly improves the performance of the glass. The tensile strength is more than three times of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than five times of the latter.

In other words, the sight glass with toughened mirror can see the color stripes on the edge of the glass through the polarizing plate, while black and white can be seen in the glass. There are spots on the surface of the glass. The polarizer can be found in the camera lens or glasses, and the light source should be adjusted during the viewing process, which makes it easier to observe.

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