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NTGD sight glass company is an ISO 9001 certified sight glass manufacturer in China. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing variety of sigh glass, including flange sight glass, floating ball sight glass, turbine type sight glass, boiler sight glass, boiler sight glass, tank sight glass and so on since 2000. A broad line of material are offered, such as carbon steel and stainless steel. We conform to the latest standard, including ASTM, AISI, DIN and BS.

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Industries That We Serve

Sight glasses are utilized in pressurized systems; steam boilers and steam generators may be found in various industries, including utilities and power generation, cement industries, food and beverage, and dry cleaning.

Sight glass windows are used to monitor liquids and provide optimal safety in all operations that involve pressurized systems or vaporization. A more specialized form of the sight glass, known as a boiler sight glass, is also used to monitor the pressure within boiler systems.

Never Compromised on Quality

NTGD sight glass company equipped with advanced maching equipment, various test tool to essure each valve manufactured is top qualit.

NTGD also established quality assurance system to guarantee consistent quality for each valve.  Sight glass manufactured comply with latest standard and contractual requiremnt. NTGD strictly control raw material quality, applied in-process quality assurance and final pressure test as we never compromised on Quality.

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Our Mission

NTGD sight glass company aim to be your sight glass expert of proven quality and trustworthy partner, we continuously improve our technology and equipment to ensure us a main sight glass manufacturer. NTGD always try our best to offer reliable, affordable sight glass as well as satisfied customer service. We hope our sight glass connect the pipe as well as long term relationship between us.


As long as NTGD sight glass established, we get certified by ISO 9001 certificate. After more than 20 years development and innovation, NTGD has acquired ISO 14001 and ISO45001. Through its conviction to provide top quality sight glass.

NTGD will never stop improving our quality assurance system and adop the latest design standard.

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What is a sight glass

A sight glass is a type of level sensor which is used to check the level of liquids in steam boilers or a liquid container. The most common method of checking liquid level is to use a sight glass.

Therefore, it is also termed gauge glass. The liquid level can be observed through the sight glass, which is mounted on the tank. Graduations are marked on the sight glass so that the level can be measured.

How does sight glass work

A basic sight glass for a tank in which the liquid level in the sight glass refers to the liquid level in the tank. The liquid value in the tank rises and falls in synch with the level in the sight glass. Thus, the level of liquid in the tank is monitored by checking the level in the sight glass.

A high-pressure sight glass is used to make measurements by reading the location of the liquid level on the calibrated scale. In high-pressure tanks, this kind of sight glass is utilized with the proper safety measures. The interior diameter of the glass tube must be small, and the wall must be thick.