Float Ball Sight Glass

Float Ball Sight Glass

Type: Float ball sight glass
Size: DN6~DN300(mm)
Measuring range: 0.2-175(m3/h)
Working pressure: 0.6/1.0/1.6/2.5/4.0(MPa)
Connection type: BW, thread, flange
Working pressure: -10~195(℃)
Medium: Water, oil, gas and acid, alkaline liquid or toxic gas

Introduction of Float Ball Sight Glass

float ball sight glass

The float ball sight glass is composed of glass mirror, observation pipe and water inlet and outlet pipe. The observation pipe is welded with the water inlet pipe and water outlet pipe respectively.

The float ball and wire mesh are set in the observation pipe. The function of wire mesh is to prevent the float ball from flowing out of the observation pipe with the medium. The density of float ball is lower than the liquid density transmitted by the pipe. When there is medium flow in the pipeline, the floating ball will float on the medium and shake with the intensity of medium flow, so that the flow of medium in the pipeline can be observed directly.