Turbine Type Sight Glass

Turbine Type Sight Glass

Size: 1/4″~2″;
Pressure: PN2.5~PN16 / 150LB;
Body Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel;
Glass Material: Soda lime glass / Borosilicate glass / resin glass;
Connection Type: NPT / SW / BW / Flange;
Suitable Temp.: -30~200℃;

Introduction of Turbine Type Sight Glass

sight glass lever indicator

Turbine sight glass is a kind of sight glass instrument valve, which is suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, medicine, food, power plant, pump and other industrial production pipeline. Through the glass, it can observe the turbidity of liquid, gas, steam and other media at any time, and measure the reaction of medium flow speed. It is one of the indispensable pipeline accessories to ensure normal production and product quality

Most of the turbine sight glasses are small-diameter mirrors, and their valve bodies are made of investment casting, with specific impeller, floating ball and other flow direction indicating devices. Through a specific window, we can observe the medium trend. According to the glass, they are hemispherical water flow indicator and ordinary sight glass lever indicator, and the connection mode is mostly threaded.


Body MaterialCarbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Glass MaterialToughened borosilicate glass, quartz glass, aluminosilicate glass
borosilicate glass Suitable forPressure resistance 2.5MPa, temperature resistance ≤ 250 ℃
Quartz Glass Suitable forWithstand Pressure 10MPa, temperature ≤ 800 ℃
Aluminosilicate glass4Mpa-25Mpa, temperature resistance ≤ 400 ℃
SealingNBR, PTFE